**real photo that's not a selfie coming soon**

I'm Beth.

Made in England, living in Toronto, sounds Australian (before you say it).
Once upon a time, I dreamed of being a Copywriter at an ad agency. So to make my dreams come true I decided to study Communications and Marketing at Uni which resulted in jumping on a plane and travelling the world for two years instead.
When I returned I decided to turn my curiosity about travelling the world into coming up with creative solutions to world problems. So I decided to go to Miami Ad School in Toronto. 
For Art Direction.
I was reminded during my internship that the pen tool on photoshop wasn't quite as satisfying as writing ten pages of headlines, so finally (yes, finally) I made the switch to copywriting. Young Beth jumped for joy. So did current Beth when she realised she no longer had to worry about photoshop crashing.
Long story short, my name is Beth and I'm a Copywriter at 123w in Toronto.
The end.
Email: bethany.garrad@gmail.com

Awards & Recognition
2022 One Show Student Awards Shortlist - Care to Share Crisps
2021 ADCC Awards Student Competition Gold Winner - Melanoma Manicure
2021 ADCC Awards Student Competition Silver Winner - Extra 2000's
2021 ADCC Awards Student Competition Bronze Winner - Your First Bud

2021 BK Clio Student Innovation - Shortlisted - Gril Power
2021 Communication Arts Winner - Melanoma Manicure
2021 D&AD New Blood Portfolio Picks
2021 Drum Chip Shop Awards Winner - Come Again

2021 New York Festivals - Shortlisted - Sh*t Chat
2021 Summit Awards Bronze Winner- Melanoma Manicure
2020 Creative Conscience Awards Bronze Winner - Foreplay Hotline
2020 Creative Conscience Awards - Highly Commended - Blue Lips

2020 NAC Student Competition Gold Winner - Worth the Wait
2020 SABRE Student Innovator Award Winner
2020 Miami Ad School UN Brief Winner - Wash Your Phone

2019 Miami Ad School Live Client Winner - Untapped